3 Types of Hiking Boots

It’s tough to choose the right hiking boots if you don’t know why they’re different from one another. Learn more about what each type of boots can do for you!

Low-cut Boots

Low-cut boots allow you to hike farther and faster with less fatigue even if you choose to carry a light backpack. You have to flex your feet around every rock that you step on while wearing the boots. They’re ideal for brisk walking and are easy to pack.

The boots contain manufacture materials like nylon and suede or split-grain leather. The manufacture materials allow the boots to dry quickly and to offer good breathability for your feet. The boots need to be used for a short time before hiking because they have a slightly stiff upper portion.

Low-cut boots don’t provide comfort when you carry a heavy backpack. They leave your lower legs and ankles vulnerable to thorns and poisonous plants. You might also get a little debris inside the boots while hiking.

High-cut Boots

High-cut hiking boots allow you to hike farther on rough trails when carrying a heavy backpack. They protect your ankles and lower legs from mud, snow, and water. High-cut boots that have a stiff upper portion need to be worn for a long time before hiking.

The boots can be resoled and repaired for a long time because they can’t be discarded or replaced. They typically weigh 4 pounds or more as a pair.

Mid-cut Boots

Mid-cut boots allow you to hike farther and faster while carrying a backpack that weighs more than 30 pounds. They leave your lower legs vulnerable to poisonous plants and thorns. This is because the boots can only protect up to your ankle. The boots usually weigh 2-4 pounds as a pair.

Always consider your foot size and the weight of your backpack first before purchasing the right hiking boots.


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